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Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Startups?

           New brands are launching in the marketplace each day. These brands have to compete with long-established companies and millions of marketing campaigns.For startups, the only aim of being successful is in marketing better and more effective than old businesses. Startups often have a less budget, which means that they have to make the most of their limited finances in reaching customers and developing revenue.           Digital marketing can often be done at a much lower cost rather than traditional marketing.Ad for print and television can cost thousands of dollars,  an online ad may only cost a few hundred dollars. Digital marketing enable startups to target new clients and develop relationships at a fraction of the cost. 1. Inexpensive Customer Research Technology can be used to track, monitor and explain buying behavior. Through technology, companies can figure out which products and demographics work best for their brands. The startup can directly t

Steps To Create Search Campaign – Google Ads 2019

              Adwords is an advertising platform provided by Google for getting more calls, Inquiries and leads to business, visit to website, installs for your mobile App, shoppers to your shop, customers and so on.              Search ads are showing only in “Google Search Network”. Ie, your search ads will display only when people who are searching for something which related to your business. Phrases and Words related to your business are treated as keywords. Keywords are of two types *  Short-tailkeyword – Short keyword made up of 3 words or less *   Long-tailkeyword – Much more specific keyword which  contains more than 3 words Below is an example of a Google  search engine results page  (SERP) for the keyword printing services. Steps: 1.   Sign in to with your Gmail id and                Password. 2.   In the left menu, select campaign tab and click on the “+” sign. 3.   Select the goal of your cam