Steps To Create Search Campaign – Google Ads 2019

              Adwords is an advertising platform provided by Google for getting more calls, Inquiries and leads to business, visit to website, installs for your mobile App, shoppers to your shop, customers and so on.

             Search ads are showing only in “Google Search Network”. Ie, your search ads will display only when people who are searching for something which related to your business. Phrases and Words related to your business are treated as keywords.
Keywords are of two types

Short-tailkeywordShort keyword made up of 3 words or less
* Long-tailkeywordMuch more specific keyword which  contains more than 3 words
Below is an example of a Google search engine results page (SERP) for the keyword printing services.

1. Sign in to with your Gmail id and                Password.
2. In the left menu, select campaign tab and click on the “+” sign.
3. Select the goal of your campaign. Only Sales ,Leads, Website traffic Campaign types are offering search ads

4. Give your website details and click “Continue”

5. On General Settings page set your campaign name.

6. Select the network, for which your ads should display.

7. Target your Audience

8.  Set Budget and Bidding – How much you want to spent for your ad

9. Add Extension for your ads

10. Press Save and Continue
11. Set up your Ad group. Give name and add relevant keywords.

12. Create your ads. You can see the preview on right side.

13. Review your campaign.
You Created your 1’st Search Ad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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