How to get quality back links in SEO?

When we hear about SEO one of the words will comes in our mind is “backlinks” or “incoming links”. Because this plays an important role in SEO ranking,especially when it comes to Google. Backlinks are not much easy to get but those websites that have strong incoming links from other websites, enjoy a higher level of trust from Google and this in turn leads to higher rankings.

What is a backlink?
A link that points from one domain to the other is called "Backlink". An “inbound link” is that receives the link for the website and the "outbound link" is the website that links out. In 1996 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google Founders), included the number of backlinks pointing to a website, as one of the signals which is used by the Google ranking algorithm. Websites that have more backlinks than others deserve to be in a higher position in the Google SERPS hence backlinks act as a vote of trust.

A quick introduction to SEO

To optimize a website for the greatest possible exposure in the different search engines and in particular Google is the main goal of the SEO.Technical SEO is  that search engine crawlers can access and index your website pages without any problems. Need to work on your pages one by one and make sure that they provide search engines with the right signals linked to page structure, page titles, headings, meta-descriptions called on-page SEO.You need to optimize your content for both search engines and users called content SEO. When you do the above correctly and consistently for a reasonable period of time at least 3 to 6 months time, you will start noticing that some of your pages 
will be visible close to the first page of Google.The term used to describe the process of promoting your website on the Internet for the purpose of gaining references means
from other websites is called Off-page SEO.

What is a good backlink?

A good backlink that can positively influence your rankings by the following,
1)It will not have the nofollow attribute attached to the link properties
2)Will comes from a website that has a high Google trust and domain authority.
3)From a high quality website

Link Building

As Google started to grow, webmasters noticed that in order to get Google traffic,they had to rank high in the Google search results.To rank higher position in Google you needed backlinks, so webmasters started looking for ways to get more links pointing to their websites. This procedure is known in the SEO World as link building.


Backlinks are important for SEO and for the growth and bearable of a website. The current studies show that the role of backlinks in the Google ranking algorithm is still crucial.Websites that have great content and links can expect to rank in the higher positions of Google while websites that have great content and not links as they can go up-to the first page of Google.


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